Blue Meanie Mushrooms


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 Blue Meanie Shrooms

The blue meanie is a mushroom well-known for its rich psilocybin content. The name comes from the trademark blue bruising that often shows up on the stems and caps. Psilocybe stuntzii If you see some bruising like this, don’t be alarmed. blue mushroom More severe bruising is often an indicator of a denser psilocybin content – many experienced users will tell you the bluer it is, the stronger the trip! psilocybe baeocystis

If you’re looking for a mushroom that has a milder flavor, the blue meanie is a great one to consider it as well. Psilocybin mushrooms aren’t well-known for tasting great, but many users find the flavor of the blue meanies to be much less offensive than other strains psilocybe stuntzii.

Blue Meanies (blue mushroom)are super popular and well-reviewed. The high is considered to be light and euphoric, with slight visual hallucinations that will often persist even after the heavier part of the trip (also known as the peak) is done. Blue meanies are a perfect choice for beginner users, and if a more experienced user is looking to buy magic mushrooms online, they can definitely look to the blue meanie strain as well. Your dosage could range anywhere from 1 ounce to 10 ounces on the low end to up to 3 ounces

Blue Meanies Mushrooms are a potent cubensis strain that received its name from it’s blue bruising. Soon after consuming (half an hour) you will feel the effects, which include a mood enhancement with euphoria and excitement. Taking this mushrooms in a nature setting is much suggested for its intense visual enhancements. You will look at everything around you as alive and breathing,psilocybe stuntzii  leaving you in a true introspective thought. psilocybe baeocystis

Try the Shroom Dosage Calculator below to best understand the best-recommended dosage for your shroom trip. psilocybe baeocystis

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